Cat Shit Poop Fart Toilet

Scatface Overloaded With Huge Load Of Shit!

There are days when I feel such a pressure in the intestine. Mostly when I was not in the toilet for several days to shit. I had eaten large portions. Yes, then I shit out such an extreme charge. On such days, I prefer to use my personal toilet! I just enjoy watching him open his mouth wide. He tries to chew everything quickly and swallow it, but it does not stop. I shit and shit on and on. Until he overflows. But I do not tolerate sloppiness. He has to eat everything that comes out of my ass. Even if he needs several hours for it. Then he has to lie so long on the floor until everything is gone. In this part, it is really an extremely hard task. I have never pushed out such a big shit. I shit in his mouth in the morning and when I come in the afternoon from shopping to home I catch him with rest shit in his mouth. That will of course be punished. He is humiliated and tortured until the last piece is eaten.

Orange Piss From Mini And Nikki

Princess Nikki and Princess Mini need to pee. They pee in a glases ( very strong and orange) but dosnt matter the slaves needs to drink till the last drop.

Scat Girl Solo-scat Eating

scat eating