Cat Shit Turd

Lil Stinks’ Funkiest Clip Yet!!

Lil Stink is finally coming out her shell!! Enjoy as she busts it wide open in front of us all like never before. Man the log she squeezed out in this one is like never before with her legs spread nice and wide to show it coming out!! So much for that shy girl that was scared to even show her face! Baby Steps, but she’s on her way!! Enjoy over half a dozen funky peeing and farting clips. Nearly 15 minutes worth the fame!!

Solo Scat Training With 3 Columbian Girls – Short Version

This movie is just for people who real likes amateur stuff. Here are 3 Girls training to make solo scat for bigger movies in the future. just little 3 clips where they make scat on a plate. The last one raven just shit a little bit!

Cornflakes For Breakfast With Piss

This morning I have again made ​​a delicious breakfast of cornflakes and fresh piss. You get the taste delicious, too bad that you are not for breakfast was there.

My Main Course Shit

Well there you have missed you but what you can not You little Ferkel.Da yes you get to eat, I just had to try my own fresh shit.