Cat Shit Women

Out On The Field

I am masturbating and pissing and shitting out on the field in public.

Matilda’s Happy Day. Part 1. Third Camera Raw Footage

Hi Everyone, it is Matilda, Well, some time passed and I felt desire for dirty games again, it was happy day, I came to my girlfriend and when we saw each other we understood that today is the day? The day of scat games and filming?, After my scat video session we had passionate scat sex which she is too shy to show now, but maybe one day she will be brave enough. At least we have filmed it for future generations.This time I felt more relaxed and horny than last time during my first session, and I hope you will like everything you see.We are novices in scat and filming and hope to make our stuff better and better with every new session. Your support is very important for us.Finally, this is part 1. Part two is coming very soonThis is footage from the third camera.

Ms D’s Turds With Friends!!

You heard of Words with Friends? Well in this clip enjoy as Ms D Brings you Turds with friends!! Enjoy as she gets a little company in this Ploptastic release!! in the first clip enjoy as she takes a nice funky dump about halfway into it enjoy as another woman comes and uses the adjacent stall and takes an equally loud funky shit!! I though it was Ms D pooping at first the way her neighbor was sounding!! They must?ve had the same Chicken Salad!! In the second enjoy as Ms D once again takes another loud farty, gassy shit. A coworker comes in and pees loudly that Ms D recognizes and Ms D slides her the security key to get back in the office once she?s done. After hearing a quick fart she replies to Ms D ?Are you poopin??? Ms D lets her ass do the talking instead and replies with two even louder farts!! Three great clips of grunting, plopping and straining!! Best Part is she wasn?t alone!! This is a clip you gotta not only see to believe you gotta hear it too!!