Catucked Till Shits

Jeans Peeing And Smoking On The Balcony

Smoking on my balcony when I feel my bladder is so full that I need to pee immediately, but I dont wanna go to the bath. Desperately holding the pee till I finish my cigarette, but at the end I just let it go! Wetting my blue jeans and making a huge pee puddle on the floor! The pee is running down my jeans legs making a nice warm puddle that I step in with my barefeet!

Husband Showered With Pee & Puke! – Part 2

She pushes his face down on the puddle of pee and puke and drowns his face on it. Afterwards, she makes him drink the additional piss and pee gathered in her container and makes sure he consumes all of it.

Only Hard Sausage, Then Chocolates

First I squeeze out a hard cold cuts, then fall behind dark chocolates 😉