Caught Masturbation By Pee Per

Morning Turd Sniffing Toilet Paper And My Asshole Is Burning

I enter the bathroom cause I have the urge to poop. My asshole is full. A turd comes out slowly from my asshole, what a relief! I feel there could be more shit inside so I push again. I ate a lot of hot red pepper paste in the last 2 days and my asshole is burning a lot. You can see the pain on my face. There was also a lot of tiny pieces of hot red pepper stuck in my poop. I start wiping my ass, look at my dirty toilet papers and sniff them. Yuck! I take the camera to show you the inside of the toilet bowl, my dirty toilet paper and then show you my dirty asshole. I wipe my ass again, stand up and flush the toilet.

Whistle The Song To Shit Hd P2

The toilet slave has the task to pull the shit out of the bottle into its toilet mouth and swallow down. Mixed with the fat snot of Lady Grace it sucks equally much better in its throat. In between, he has to whistle a song.#

Her Ass Is Smeared With Shit And I Love It! – Part 2

She rubs her pretty feet on my face to smear the rest of the shit all over me. She washes her feet on the pan and then she makes me drink every drop of the filthy water!