Caught On Cam Pee Toilet

Pee Closed Toilet

Peeing in front of the toilet with closed legs.

Ms D’s Ass Is Rotten!!

Good Lawd the Noises coming out of all this womans holes never cease to amaze me!! I swear if she unleashed some of these sounds and smells around my grandma she would tell her ‘Something crawled up in you and died!!’ Enjoy as Ms D Unleashes and Endless Stream of power pissing, Farts, Sharts and giant plops from that giant azz!!! This 5’10’ Amazon woman is still queen of the concrete jungle!! Don’t forget about her sexy groans, grunts and strains as she tries to get it all out as well! Another GPS fartathon from MS D!!!


Hot Oxana is messy pooping in sexy jeans shorts!

Toilets Food

The delicacy for the slave in the toilet, the fresh shit of the lady for the slave for the breakfast. Come here slave, put your head in the loo and catch in to eat, I will use my Heels and to press your head properly in the loo.