Caught Pee Ping Fucked

Mistress Roberta – Train My Pot Before Breakfast

Today my pot will be first trampled on the chest, face and teased with my ass and panties, before actually feed him also haved my ass licked clean and teased the pot very hard and after i pee and shit in his mouth teasing him in the end with my pair of panties if he eats everything, enjoy!

Pushing Poop In His Mouth

My toilet is already waiting for me on the ground, just like every morning, I feel like using it. I’ve put some rings around its cock, so it can be aroused longer, and for me to show it, that this cock belongs to me. I lock its hands and proceed to kick it and tease it. I’ve trained it so well, that it gets aroused only from my smell and taste. I proceed to sit on the toilet while instructing it to sniff and lick. It lubricates my ass so that I’ll have an easier time pushing out, and it can taste, the breakfast which I’m about to serve, from the source. And finally, the moment it is alive for arrives! I get to shit in its mouth, and it can consume my precious waste. After that, I start disciplining it. The only time I allow erections, cumming and pleasure is with my shit in its mouth. I milk it while explaining what it is to me: a toilet, a subhuman and a most loyal slave. It has a hard time to cum, because of the rings, but at this point, I’ve already lost interest in milking it. Keeping slaves in denial is a good way to have them obsess over me. I slap it some more, and spit in its mouth, as I am a merciful Goddess and that’s all the appreciation the toilet will ever get from me.

Mistress Anita – Pee Drinking And Diarrhea Chewing

My Goddess Anita want to make me a surprise today and she appear without her mask. She is so gorgeous with smiling face for all our fans !! She was ready to spurt her pee and shitty diarrhea and today she order me to control the action by herself, taking the camera in her hands and recorded the action !! After a nice teasing with her boots, she order me to stay under her legs and open wide my fucking mouth with my new pink lips and be ready to drink all she have. After a torrent of pee drinking she put me in the lobby with face up and fill my hungry mouth with her huge diarrhea !! How can you not love my mistress ?