Caught Peeping Tom

Sparkle’s Unreleased Back Splashers And Booty Bombs!!

Sparkle is back!! Well kind of!! I have been getting more inquires about her lately than any lady I have. She in fact is amazingly one of my best sellers this month and she hasn?t sent me a new clip since right before Christmas!! Sparkle is ?in the wind? as I like to describe it as she has been MIA the last four months. I was digging through my vaults ? I have literally HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of clips from your favorite ladies on this site that have yet to see light of day. When looking for something to post today, I found these two I never posted from Sparkle. Man O Man how did I forget these two!!! Enjoy as she takes a sexy fully nude dump at home in the first scene. Another rare one where she actually lets you see her facial expressions as well!! Nothing like seeing a cutie pie like this grunt and strain and push out phat logs!! And that Ass of hers!! Oh MY!! In the second scene enjoy as she grunts and strains and wiggles that sexy ass on the bowl before expunging some nice long turds. The clip cuts off before she finished wiping and she could show the end result however. Two great clips I forgot all about! I have so many New clips and new ladies that some of my great clips from last year even got pushed further to the back. I need to just unleash the rest of my 2015 action and save some of the new heat for later this year!! But this is two more for you Sparkle fans until she (hopefully!) makes her true return!!

Scatfest! – Part 5

They take turns shitting on his face. Then they make him clean their assholes using his tongue!

Lick Up The Shit From My Riding Boots P2

Then I take the strap on and sticks it in my shit and after directly in mouth of my toilet slave until he almost pukes. He cleanes the strap completely. I like that. But my boots are still dirty, ohhh, you poorest… lick!

Pretty Pierced Pussy And Big Turd From Asshole

Pretty pierced pussy and big turd from asshole