Ccident Shit Disaster Enema

Smoking Redd’s Explosive Squirts!!

What is this girl eating!!!? I know I ask that question all the time, but in this one not only do we get to see Smoking Redd Eat her dinner, we get to see it come out too!! She had three FUNKY explosions whithin an hour of each other one day! Two at work and one rushing when she got home!! Enjoy 15 minutes of some of the FUNKIEST farts, sharts and bubbleguts you’ve seen this year!! Smoking Redd is running neck and neck with Sugar Hill as the bubbleguts queen!! Some serious explosions out her ass in these clips. Some she was rushing so bad she had no time to prop the camera and instead gives you an up close POV shot as the squirts EXPLODE out her ass!! The Sounds coming out this woman are blowing my mind!! Enjoy a funky half dozen scenes of mudbutt action!!

Sparkle’s Ooh La La!!

Sparkle is back!! This time she returns with another spectacular Baker’s dozen of peeing, ploppage, and DAT AZZ!!! Ooooh That Ass!!! I swear there is no treat which gets me more excited right now than watching her slide out of her jeans!!! That Body is nothing short of Amazing!!! Enjoy over 6 clips of great peeing action and a few nice logs mixed in!! You will be screaming “ooh la la la!!” from the moment she appears on the screen!!!

Thick Ms D Poop Compilation

Oh When the Stank, Goes Marchin in. When the Stank goes Marchin in!!! I want to be in that number! Here’s Ms D again making music with her ass! She is tall and thick and I swear she can really light it up!! Sounds like a trumphet is lodged in her asshole!! Here are six of her best Clips. You can but the Compilation for less that all her solo clips sold separately. Even Includes the clips from Nikki D’s Gass from the ass comp. The best Ebony Clip ever made!!