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Kono Yuzuha Enema 1

Kono Yuzuha pushes out a pee fountain and enema while making cute straining expressions. Multi-angle views.

1.playful Mia Misses Her Slave So Much!!!

1.Playful Mia misses her slave so much!!! She is very cheerful today and wants to play with her slave. Mia specially ate a lot to fill the mouth of the poor slave with the best, delicious ‘chocolate’! To start, Mia teases the guy. She strangles his booty, order him to sniff her juicy holes, and laughs. And he loves it! She loves when someone swallows her shit! Mistress Mia finally takes off her pink panties and reveals her young ass. She is only 19 years old and she already plays such games with the slave. Mia has completely filled the mouth of the slave, and the guy starts choking and coughing! He begins to twitch, but Mia has not finished yet. She also sits down on his face so that the slave can fully enjoy the smell and taste of her chocolate!

Ebony Ass & Enema

Boy do my ass look tasty or what? Shaking and spreading my ass then teasing my tight asshole with the enema noozle back?forth?mmm?side to side. I was trying to hold the enema as long as possible using my Hitachi to make my muscles contract too. I barely got into position before releasing the enema, piss, and cream while using my Hitachi again.