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Woman Spitting Piss In Lady’s Mouth! – Full Movie

When a lady received a knock on her front door, she opens it and is immediately pushed against the wall! Before she is able to fully grasp the situation, she gets intimately kissed! Apparently, it is her ex-girlfriend and she has come for some action! It didn’t take long before she gets her clothes stripped and her nipples sucked! After which, she is laid on her bed where she has her pussy eaten! Eventually, because of the pleasure, she accidentally urinates inside the mouth of the culprit! When she could no longer release anymore, the perpetrator spits everything inside her mouth! Afraid, she is left with no choice other than to swallow and make everything disappear! The aggressive ex-girlfriend then performs her finale in the form of intimately kissing her for the last time!

Huge Diarrhea Into Toilet Then Washing

Mistress feel so bad those days because her human toilet are not available for consuming ! She going to bathroom and piss into toilet then spurting a huge Diarrhea. She go to bathtub as usually and washing her dirty body . . .in front of camera.

Shit On Madaira 08

Scat Ladies Princess Nikki and Rachel comes into the living room and find one of her slaves which is just on a pouf and wanker herself. Thats too much for Princess Nikki and she begins to give him face slaps. The slave tries to apologies for that situation but Princess Nikki is angry now and together with Rachel they use him as a Toilet.