Chick Ttaking Big Shit Poop

Scat In Hopper

My dirty Slave gets a hopper in his mouth. I shit a huge pile in it. then i smear my shit with a wooden spoon.He gets a scat mask over his mouth.

Two Nurses Fill A Man’s Stomach With Their Piss! – Part 3

The ladies continue thrusting their pussies back and forth on the manÂ’s mouth! After a while, they get off of him, but only to piss on his face again! Apparently, their bladders have rejuvenated its contents! In the effort of the victim to grasp for air, he opens his mouth, causing him to swallow another series of mouthfuls of the sweetheartsÂ’ piss!

Swallow All Of It! – Part 1 Movie

She makes him strip and receive her whipping. She places the funnel on his mouth and pees directly on it. She squats over his face and unloads the shit he’s craving for.