Chicks Farting

Piss In My Pants

I am going back home. The lift does not work and I have to climb the stairs. I really want to write. I do not have time to come home. I’m writing right on the steps. now my pants are wet.I really want to write. on me light jeans. I can not get them down. I have to write straight into my pants. I play in a puddle of my urine. it’s fun. about a miracle, I can take off my jeans and show close-up wet clothes.

Deep In My Ass

I often use my special potty chair to shitting in a slave mouth. The toilet slave licks my ass and enters his tongue deeply in my asshole and around. A big long turd falls directly in his throat from a source. I smear shit in his face and push it with my boots. Eat my shit, you are the human toilet!

Lady Joice First Time P2

Lady Joice enjoy it to watch how Mistress Michelle is using the toilet slave and take the cane to give him the support what he need to swallow all her shit because the toilet slave is very slow with his job as a human toilet. The cane do a good job and the slave has swallowed all soon. Then Lady Joice needs a toilet. She uses the toilet slave for her first time and peeing and shitting him into his slaves mouth.