Chinese Big Poop

Behold, My Mistress Who Shits And Spits On Me! – Part 1

She whips me with her belt to make me submit to her whims. She sits on my face and dumps chunks of shit right into it and I savor every bite of her scat. She makes me lick off the shit smears on her ass.

Billie’s Post Thanksgiving Evacuation Bombs!!

Billie Austin had a great Thanksgiving. She stuffed herself like a hog. The best part about it is we get to see her expunge all that grub!! Enjoy the behind the bowl Action as Billie drops some of the biggest logs since the days of Lincoln!! What did she eat? Looks like she ate EVERYTHING!! Enjoy as she lets you right in the mix as she is relieving herself of that delicious meal! Check out these Raw, Uncut Logs falling in right in your face!! What relief!

New Slaves First Time With No Way Out Part 5

Here we take full Advantage of 2 Faces sticking out and filled them up with Poop. English Subtitles

Jerk It To My Shit

Jerk it off into my shit loser!