Chinese Fart In Face

Soft, Hard, Soft Turd Drop!

Her hubby will do anything to please her and this includes letting her shit on his face and body! Now he is lying on the floor waiting for her to scat on his pathetic face. She hikes up her skirt and squats over him. She ejects soft liquid shit that lands straight on his open and willing mouth. He eats every drop and waits for his wife’s approval!

Toilet Slave Gets All The Shit And Piss He Can Handle! – Part 1

Right now, he is licking this pretty girl’s cunt and asshole, getting her primed to release her bodily waste and fluids. She sits on his face and makes him work his tongue on her holes!

Showing My Toilet Slave To A New Friend

I met a girl on saturday in a pub. Talking about boys we started to speak about submissive gays and some of their fetishes.I decided to tell her I have a stupid shit eater who likes to be under my ass when I pee and shit. She can’t believe it, and I didn’t hesitate to offer her to come home to try him!