Chinese Girls Shitting

Shitting And Pissing On The Table

Shitting and Pissing on the table

Princess Most Sweet Lady:)mmm Pov Toilet Slavery

Princess Mia.My most sweet Lady:)mmmPOV Toilet Slavery

Aria’s Water Splashing Turds!!

Aria has on the juiciest asses around!! Enjoy two great scenes. In the first enjoy as she rushes to get out her sexy denim jeans to both take a long pee, followed by a painful dump! In the second scene enjoy as she again pokes that sexy ass out as she drops some delicious logs in the bowl. She was really performing under pressure in both scenes. She laments how she ?can never poop in peace? as her daughter loves to come interrupt her while going! Lol this sexy mama is just plain sexy grunting, plopping, straining, squirming and spreading her asscheeks on the toilet!!

The Shit Burger Part3

As punishment, he must run with the sulky and he must keep the shit in his mouth and say again and again the same phrase ‘I’m sorry I have not eaten all the shit ‘.