Chinese Pooping

Different Slaves – Fisting Cumming Or Piss Drinking

In this movie you can learn how a slave must be treated : first a fisting and a double fisting action from Mistress, followed by a humiliation scene where a perfect Romanian Goddess have a task for her slave : to cum on her high heels and clean it, then a nice piss drinking humiliation scene where the slave girl is obliged to drink master piss and her piss.

Mistress Roberta – Toilet Slave To Use Mistress Victoria And Roberta

Today the pot slave is used by Mistress Victoria and she is siting on an shitting chair to shit directly into the pot’s mouth and she fills his head with shit and after she starts to spread it on his chest and at the end she orders to clean the shit over the glove she used so she abandon the pot .After Mistress Victoria i use the pot also and the greedy bitch is asking for more shit even if he is already full with shit so i pee first shit after in his mouth and spread all the shit on him and on his chastity humiliate him to stroke the chastity with poop .

Slave Endures Puke, Piss & Shit Galore! – Part 2

After making him experience puke and piss, now comes the major part. She squats over his face and shits right into it, making him eat morsels of her feces. After making him eat shit, she spits on his face for good measure!

Toilet Slaves Under The Pooping Table (whole Movie)

The Girls used both Slaves first for their Feet Necessities and then the Shitting started. 5 Girls were way over their Heads. Puking and moaning resulted of the large Poop Releases. English Subtitles