Chinese Vomit Shit

Husband Wakes Woman Up For Ass Eating And Feces Smearing!

Getting out of work very late, a man comes home to the sight of his wife sleeping on the living room floor. Despite her state, he still wakes her up by groping her tits since he doesnÂ’t intend to let his ravaging fetishes and urges go unquenched! Once she is awake, he directs his attention on her pussy and plays with it to get her in the mood! Eventually, he bends her over and starts licking and eating her asshole! By the time he gets satisfied, he puts her on top of a table and has her defecate! He then makes sure to catch everything on his face! After which, he smears her feces all over him as well as on the woman until he is satisfied!

The Drink Of The Slave

The Mistress now decides to use his toilet slave…. in the toilet.A strong toilet slave session, where the slave is humiliated continuously with spitting and insults, is made to lie with its head on the toilet, Mistress gets attached to the slave’s mouth and begins to piss in.The slave absolutely must drink it all, his mouth is filled with continuous piss Mistress and slave must swallow it whole.In the end the Mistress puts in his mouth the slave used toilet paper, while continuing to insult him and to fill it with spit. The totally helpless slave to the Mistress service.

A Girl In A Skirt Pissing Into The Toilet Bowl.

A girl in a skirt pissing into the toilet bowl.


Victoria hot diareeah in the tight pantyhose!