Chocolate Cake Fart

Public On A Resting Place Pissed At A Tree!

On the way home from my holiday at the North Sea I stopped on a resting place to take a short break. I only used a short transparent trousers suit and I am so to the resting benches, despite numerous people! Of course, I had to pee again, so I have there, put on a tree, my pussy released and pissed off! Then I went naked, on the resting place, pulled out and went home naked! I love to be naked, and I like to show what I have!

Mistress Roberta-shit In The Jar For My Toilet Slave-pov

Today the main course is shit in the jar an almost full jar of shit i have prepared for you and this time you can eat it simple without any pee, all that creamy shit just for you !

Electricity At The Morning P2

Than she shits in his mouth. It is not allowed to swallow the big fresh bunch for the toilet slave, he must keep it in his mouth as a gag because Mistress Michelle is not yet finished with the electric shocks.