Choking On Farts

Scat In The Dog Bowl

I feel the urgent need to poop. I poop in a dog bowl and let my slave clean my ass with his tongue afterwards. I push his face in the bowl and he is happy because he is close to me, no matter in what way.

Pooping 3 Times Pov – Hd Version

Sometimes I just feel like pooping naturally without having to tell a scenario. When I feel I have to poop I go grab my camera and just shit! This is a compilation of 3 different poops. You can see me poop with the camera close to my ass. After pooping I strain my butthole and I show you a close up of each ones of my loads.

Pooping In The Political Science Building On Campus!

I’ve decided I’m going to go on a mission to poop in all the buildings on my campus so let’s start in the political science building where I took a big poo and hopefully no one comes in!