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Pissing On Her Face

Pissing on Her Face (JJ000880)

Shit-eating From My New Perverse Godess Part 1

Finally !!! My new mistress changed her mind and agree to take me as her personal full toilet in training. Our first movie is already finished. And my training was beginning. I love a Godess who is so kinky and perverse and really LOVE to play with her toilets with shit !! She use my mouth under her toilet chair and defecate through her pink seethrough panties then the journey began !! She staff her panty deep into my full packed shitty mouth and try to suffocate me with her shit. She obliged me to chew and swallow her Royal Kaviar and pushing nonstop the shit deep into my throat with her hands. She were blue gloves and make them dirty playing with her shitty toilet. She also use her shit to cover her toilet and make him dirty as a pig. All playing until the slave almost puke on her, when she tried to finish him and pushing so deep her hand in his shitty mouth. A EPIC movie for the first time, and many many more will fallow, until slave will be ready and beg for more shit!!!

Liquid Diarrhea In Mistress Dungeon

Mistress wore some shoes with heels today. Then she called me to lick her ass and pussy later to use me as a toilet slave to poop in my mouth and gives me drink her piss. She had a liquid diarrhea today and she filled my mouth to the fullest. Sorry I’m setting the lights in a wrong positions for this movie and didn’t work out the best scene.

Kinky Outdoor Surprise

Girlfriend surprises boyfriend with romantic making out outdoor, while she got her pussy and ass licked she blindfolded him and surprises him with his kinky desire of her sweet golden nectar! *Special discount*