Choolgirl Pee And Poo

Special Dinner For You

You’re invited to a special Valentine’s Day dinner with me. I’m wearing my sexy dress, but I’ve got a big surprise for you… underneath I’m wearing baby Pampers and plastic baby pants, and I’ve been saving up my pee and poop all day. Why? Because I want to wet and poop myself for you. I want to turn you on and I want us to cum together!Dirty Pampered Panther completely pisses and poops herself, filling up the little baby Pampers to their maximum capacity. They bulge with the massive load of poop inside them, leaking from the leg bands and spreading inside the plastic pants to make a wonderful mess. Wetting and messing herself has turned her on, and all the way through the movie, she’s touching herself and masturbating her pussy through the diaper.Then she takes off the plastic pants to show you just what a totally filled and filthy baby Pampers looks like on a hot and horny girl. Check out how they bulge out from her dirty ass and between her legs. Inside, she’s totally covered with warm and slippery poop, and she’s even more turned on than ever!You can see just how dirty she is inside when she takes off the diaper and reaches for her vibrator and fucks herself in the ass with it. With her ass and pussy covered in poop, it slides in easily and feels fantastic. Join Goddess Panther on her special date – let her talk sexy to you, let her wet and load her Pampers for you, and then cum together with her!

Taco Bell Mmm…

I had to pee really bad but someone was in the bathroom. While relieving my self in a bucket I started to poop. It was loose with little clumps.I guess eating Combo Beef burritos from Taco Bell was a great idea. Loose poop like to be stubborn so I grabbed the Hitachi to help me push out the rest.

Beatrice Shitting!!!!

Sweet girl 18 y.o. did her first poop on camera!!she is very very pretty and sexy, and has a wonderful shit!!

Jerking Off As A Toilet Slave

You, little toilet pig, will now jerk off for your mistress, but it’s going to be very perverted! You’ll jerk it the way I tell you and you’ll imprint into your slave brain what I’m telling you. You’ll jerk off and cum as you imagine to be my living toilet. You’ll imagine how I’ll piss and shit all over you. Your thoughts will only circle around me using you as a human toilet until I’ll use you as my real life some time! While you cum you’ll open your toilet mouth wide for me … I’ve to use it urgently!