Chrissy Farts

Crush The Shit

I’m starting to shit. I’m completely naked. I sru on a white mat. I trample the shit with my feet. it’s just a super sensation.I’m starting to shit. I’m completely naked. on my feet are rubber boots. I’m down on the floor. I tread the shit with rubber boots. it’s just a super sight. I like it

Schoolgirl Episode Spin The Bottle

Today one of my slaves must come to school. Together with three other girls we play with him ?Spin the bottle?. The rules: Each lady holding ready a dirty Trick for him.If he turns on Sweetbaby, she kicks him in the balls with their boots. At Miss Cherrie he gets to feel the whip. At Miss Jane he comes under her heels and will be trampled and if he turns to me,I torture his nipples. It was quickly realizing that ball busting prepares him most pain. Bad luck for him, that he repeatedly turns on Sweetbaby * laugh *. As punishment for his bad play our Victim has to serve as a toilet. Miss Jane had to pee and just used his mouth. At the end it has made so much fun that we repeat this game soon.

Nanalou Black Lounge Bed Full

Nanalou coming home in black leather boots. Wearing a body pantyhose and a nice leather jacket. She goes to the round lounge bed in the porch near the garden. Touching her legs she shows that her pantyhose has an opening between the legs. She wears a nice metal jewel in her ass with a blue Swarovski. She also wears nice little gloves. Masturbating her pussy, she lies on the bed. She enjoys the moment. She?s masturbating her high heels as well, thinking it is you dick that she?s playing with. Then she licks at her heels and put them in her mouth . She turns herself into a doggy position that you can easily put your dick into her pussy. You will feel the metal jewel in her ass while you are fucking her.She spits on her tits and caresses the saliva all over her lovely boobs. She opens the zipper of her skirt and pull it out. She continues masturbating herself with her fingers in her pussy while licking her pantyhose body. Then she is the mood to suck and she stars a blowjob. Sucking very deep on the hard dick.She continues caressing herself and masturbating the dick. She puts the dick on her leather boots and her heels. Going to the chair to the bar, she continues masturbating herself. But she needs to pee so she pees on the chair! And she continues a second pie while she stands up. Her boots have some pee drops! Also the ground it is wet now! She rubs her fingers in the puddle of pee and licks her fingers. She crawls tot the pee under the chair and suck it up!! She rubs both hands in the pee and caresses her pussy with it. Then SHE PIES again for the THIRD TIME !!! Naughty girl !