Chubby Asian Shit

Pee And Scat For My Tranny

I had not fed my little tranny slave for a long time. High time to catch up. And so that she has a lasting memory of it, I have saved a lot more for her. After a nice long shower with my pee, the highlight for them and me: a huge amount of fresh caviar I press directly from my butt in her mouth. Although she’s not exactly squeamish about big shit, she has a hard time swallowing everything except the last one. But she strives honestly.

Princess Mia Humiliation,scat,piss,shit,smearing(camera2)

Princess Mia humiliation,Scat,Piss,Shit,Smearing(camera2)

Morning Breakfast Of My Shit

Fresh breakfast today I had prepared for my toilet slave. With great pleasure he opens throat and I shit inside. I fill his mouth with my shit. Now lick clean my ass. It should be clean, try slave to earn the respect of Mistress Nikole. It was a great breakfast for you.