Cissoring With Shit

Shitting In White Stockings

You stand surely on stockings, or? I lie down in front of you in my hot stockings and press you a sausage out ..

Schoolgirls Shit On Me And I Love It! – Full Movie

As their prof, I’ve been wanting to flunk these spoiled girls because they haven’t been to school much. But these bitches know my weakness and they want to give me what I want?.fresh scat! After school, they went to my apartment and then they strip me off my clothes and chained my wrists. They take turns sitting over my face and unloading smelly scat, which I took all in my mouth. They shit on a glass bowl and they make me eat it, which I did without protest.

Scat 48

Power-Humiliation!Bizarrlady Jessica demands everything from her slave of Jona. He must put himself in the bathtub with his nappy first and a whole bubble cargo load into his nappy it pees for him. He must piss, must make to himself up themselves on its order into the nappy into the nappy after that once again. Then it the Dirty-Queen misses itself another finish and shits its full intestines contents also into its nappy. As a crowning end she then opens the nappy, takes the bullshit parts out and distributes them one by one on its face. A big shitting sausage plugs in it greases it for it with its shit into the mouth, the face completely and as a highlight it then still pushes it the whole nappy with its the piss, its piss itself and its shit, into the face and it presses correctly tightly on this.