Closeup Mature Pee

Exclusive Shit Breakfast

Are you hungry stupid slave? I know you are. Follow me, on your knees! That’s right you are a dog and now I will make your breakfast. First lick my shoes with your tongue. Clean them thoroughly. Do you like it? Stay under my ass and watch me how I make your exclusive breakfast. You can smell how tasty is it. Open your fucking mouth and start eating! My dinner would be your breakfast every day! You should be getting used to it! I will use your mouth for waste.

It Is Feeding Time

From time to time I visit my slave, who is allowed to spend his miserable life at my place. He usually gets only rubbish, but today I buy him half a pea soup.After he had been able to look forward to this feast for a short time, I took this pleasure again. He can watch as I shit in his pea soup, then he eats everything on my command. For rinsing, he still gets some piss.I am so good to my livestock *smile*.

Hidden Toilet Slave Part 3

Girls Uses Man