Coledge Girls Pooping

Shitting On Her Ass

Shitting on her ass (JJ000488)

Diarrhea And Big Farts In My Leather Pants

A very nice video … I have a natural lactose intolerance that makes me feel full of gas … Here you can see the result … I have a couple of real blacks leather pants, and I want to shit all in my pants! I spread all the shit on my beautiful ass …. and you feel a little bit how many farts … what a mess!

Ayanna’s Stinky Fingers And Splashes!!

Ayanna is back with two great new clips! enjoy in the first as she struggles to strain out some logs. She then has a nice explosion! Enjoy as she even tries to finger out some more turds. She ?missed? a little and got some on her fingers!! Enjoy as she shows off her mistake to the camera!! in the second, enjoy a great between legs shot as she drops a nice heavy load in the bowl ! Two great clips fill with action and great grunts, strains and the facial expressions to match!!

Shitting On The Stairs!

Here you can see how I got back from a staircase piss and then shit! Have shitting on the stairs a hot turd. Unfortunately, no toilet slave was there I could shit the pile in the mouth!