College Girl Pee

Step Sis Share Pussy And Shit! – Part 1

They go to the shower together, where Ana unloads wet and sticky shit on a glass bowl. She makes Kathy smell it and feel the texture, telling her that as sis, they should know each other very well!

Huge Diarrhea In Pantyhose With 2 Toilets Sametime

Today Godess wanna use both of her slaves before she feed them with her kaviar and champagne. She dressing in a pair of pantyhose and order them to worship her legs, feet, pussy and asshole through the hose. She feel so sexy and excited !! She sit on their faces and make a nice small facesitting session before she begin to feed the toilets. She piss in their mouth and then she release a huge Diarrhea through the hose directly into their mouths. They clean her asshole one after another and lick Godess asshole until they eat all her diarrhea.

Olesya’s Bladder Is Filled With Lot Of Pee!

Olesya’s bladder is really filled with a lot of pee! And she cannot hold it much longer… She takes off her clothes and then knees atop of the toilet seat. You can recognize some splashes of shit at the edge of the bowl. But that doesn’t disturb her because she knows who has to clean it soon…! But first she wants to empty her bladder – and I hope that YOU have a lot of place inside your mouth! Because today you are a lucky guy and can drink all of her pee – but don’t waste a drip! You will have to suck every drop away until everything is clean again. And of course everything else not belonging there has to be cleaned too…!