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Mistressanna – Pounds Of Shit

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Don’t you just wish you’re a lowly toilet bowl? The porcelain throne gets the best view of shitting, no question. If you have scat fetish, you will envy this blow-by-blow account of how this cute housewife unloads her crap on the shitter. She sits on the bowl and takes a piss and then she pushes her asshole muscles to eject chunks of scrap into the bowl. Oh, don’t you just wish you’re a toilet bowl even for just one day!

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PART 1 HD – This new girl is a new target for these troubled girls! They stripped her naked in the whole classroom for everyone to see but thatÂ’s not the only humiliation she’ll be getting today.. The nasty girls continue tormenting her, biting her nipples, pinching her and doing all kinds of mocking! They all grab her into the table and start to stimulate her pussy by inserting their lunch sausages inside her vagina!!! The girl moan in pleasure and in humiliation. They carried on as it pleases them the more she cries for mercy.