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Schoolgirls Accidentally Wetting Themselves!

Three different scenarios, all with schoolgirls peeing themselves! In the first situation, a sweetheart who is riding her bike does her best to reach her home, but before she could even enter the house, she finds herself finally giving in and wetting herself out in the open! For the second, a woman who couldnÂ’t get permission to leave the class to pee has to hold it in! However, by the time the bell rang, she has already pissed in her panties! For the finale, a schoolgirl who has fallen asleep is playfully restrained on top of a table, but by the time she wakes up, she really needs to go to the bathroom! With no one to free her, she is left pissing where she lies!

Sick Brownie

You will see in my clip: how Angie makes brownie to the new potty is transparent and everything is perfectly visible. Angie is making brownie very close to the camera, her brownie is weird, sick, has yellow slime, horribly smelly, something terrible….

Scat On A Tray

Watch your goddes shitting a big turd on a tray for you. In this moment you are looking forward to a nice meal.

Dirty Femdom Clip: Scatpig, Eat My Shit And Your Cum 2 Hq (wmv)

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