College Party Pissa

Next Slave Filled With Shit And Snot!

Here I had prepared, for my girlfriend Lady Luciana, a new toilet slave who had to eat their shit for the first time. Luciana fastened first, clinging to the nipples, from the slave. Then she sat down, a total of 3 times, with her hot ass and asshole on the face and mouth of the slave! This one had to lick her asshole! While he licked Luciana’s asshole, Luciana shit three times, the Slave in the Mouth! The slave struggle and almost had to puke, but that did not interest us and he had to eat all her shit. In between, we spit, Both, the slave in his mouth and humiliated him verbally!

On The Expensive Yacht Pissed! Outdoor

Oha, if man leaves me alone, I like to do nonsense! Which I have done this time, I’ll show you 🙂 Blank I’ve already pulled, already sitting outside, where everyone can see me! And then, off you go, the fat Pissstrahl on the expensive teak floor! PROHIBITED is just fun, only we 2 know that now .. or ?????

255 Kv Pasta Close Up

And now, because i know someone of you like to see JUST my big TURD when i do it, may be you do not understand italian and you do not enjoy to see the long version of this 255, but you would like to see BEAUTIFULL CLOSE UP OF MY ASS…. when i’m shitting…. and to see my slave trying to eat….so here we are! MP4

Two Mistress Feeds Slave With 3 P’s! Part 4

Part 4 – Mistresses is now going to feed their slave with food from inside them!!! PUKE and POOP!!! Watch the hard turd drop of Mistresses ass!! Lucky slave gets it straight into his mouth..