College Pee Pshow

Lady Lisa Shitting Afternoon P2

The whole bunch is now smeared until the slave is completely dirty. Then Lady Lisa starts wanking him and pisses him on his stomach.

Scat And Pee Pig

Miss Jane and I look at the mouth of a toilet slave closely. We both have much shit and want to see how much you can fit in his mouth before. First I shit in his mouth, then Miss Jane pees and shits a huge load into it. This living toilet has done a much better job than other slaves – nearly all was swallowed down. While Miss Jane was finished, I was bored so I’m aiming his balls and torture them. Yes – it should be like this, he has to swallow and thereby suffer pain. Nice! *laughs*

Suck My Shit Out Of My Ass P2

I have to pee now. Lady Angie has to poop. Well sure we have also the slave who serves as toilet. He still gets a napkin with hole placed on his stupid face. Then piss in his mouth. Lady Angie sits down after a short time on his mouth, and the slave sucks the shit out of her asshole.

The New Slave And Its Challenges Part 2

Girls uses Man