College Shit Eating

Online Match Results To Pussy Eating And Public Pooping! – Part 2

Shortly after starting with orally pleasuring the sweetheart, a man passes by, consequently catching them in the act! He doesn’t say a thing, but the woman who is caught off-guard gets extremely nervous and embarrassed to a point that she accidentally defecates on the hallway floor! As soon as she is done doing so, the guy pulls her inside his apartment room and sits her down on his living room couch where he proceeds to lick her asshole clean! He then later grabs a dildo and begins thrusting it back and forth inside the tight hole, only stopping upon complete satisfaction!

Your Wife Makes You A Surprise

A Sexy scat roleplay – Your wife agree to invite your office boss at home for lunch. It’s a very stressful time at work, you have a lot of thigs to do at office and you are so frustrated. When you come home, your wife is beautiful, she wears a black suit with high heel shoes, a very short skirt and sexy stockings. The atmosphere is very relaxed and your wife start to prepare a perfect Italian lunch with some organic apple for aperitif, chips, tea and wine. And sure some italian pasta! You have to go away for a few minutes. The atmosphere changes in a moment. She says to your boss: I saw in a deep web site that you are searching and extreme experience… I know you are looking for some very heavy thing … You want to eat the shit of a beautiful woman … well … I can give you all my shit but you have to promote my husband! Here she gets up he pulls away her stockings and a lot of pee and hot shit is put on a big ceremonial dish. The boss sit in front of her and take a little turd in his mouth… it’s pure ecstasy. She rub the shit over her mouth: C’mon you must to learn how eating shit give me your tongue!… Your boss it’s so excited… His mind going away and he sign the contract for your the career advancement!. He have been blackmailed in a delicious way. And now your woman have an insane secret.

Sparkle’s Ooh La La!!

Sparkle is back!! This time she returns with another spectacular Baker’s dozen of peeing, ploppage, and DAT AZZ!!! Ooooh That Ass!!! I swear there is no treat which gets me more excited right now than watching her slide out of her jeans!!! That Body is nothing short of Amazing!!! Enjoy over 6 clips of great peeing action and a few nice logs mixed in!! You will be screaming “ooh la la la!!” from the moment she appears on the screen!!!

Kinky Slave Potion

So you little pig, I prepare a drink in front of piss, shit, chocolate and other things and you have this drink also. So You know how it tastes delicious, I myself also tried it.