Collegue Girl Pooping

Toilet Relax Lil Squirting

Just wake up I run to the bathroom … and now sitting on my throne completely natural without makeup… starts to caress myself … always stronger … until you have a squirting orgasm and …. oh my god. .. I really have to … A nice video … for extreme fetishists…

Piss Slut Daniella

I have two friends of mine visiting a swingers party. Both Daniella and Natalia is giving two guys a blowjob while we are watching. Like some sweet lollipops they are sucking the dicks of these guys.. Natalia turns to the ass of on guy and start giving him a rim job, while Daniella gets her mouth filled with pee from the other guy.

Toilet Training With Cbt And Beating Before Feeding

An enormous Diarrhea was prepared for today by the Godess. She call her toilet slave to arrive at her dungeon and she was dressing in a seethrough catsuit waiting for him. Before she fee him, she use him for her pleasures, she beat him, CBT, slapping him, spanking him, order him to smell and kiss her pussy and asshole, order him to lick her ass and her pussy and to eat her Diarrhea and drink her piss !!

She Locked Me On The Balcony

I woke up in the morning and I was supposed to hang out the washing on the balcony when my girlfriend decided to lock me on the balcony.I got very mad and had a big rush to poop.She let me come in and then the playing started!Thanks God she hadn’t gone to the toilet too 🙂