Compilation Japanese Pee

Stepmother Urinates And Poops On Son’s Face! – Part 1

The sweetheart finds her stepson on the floor in the middle of his sleep wearing only his underwear! Without feeling any conscience, she proceeds to take off her panties and then urinate on his face! This caused him to wake up and grasp for air, but before he could get up, she pins him down by smothering him with her crotch! Eventually, she prepositions herself in such a way that she is feeding him with her asshole!

Maid Serves Fresh Shit For Dinner!

They didn’t hire this maid for her cooking skills, that’s for sure! The maid couldn’t cook a decent meal to save her life and this is perfectly all right for these girls. Because she makes up for her lack of cooking skills with her ability to shit on time, especially during dinner! Now she is serving shit a la mode and makes them eat it right off the floor! For good measure, she takes off her panties and slips it over one of the girls’ head. She dips her foot on the shit puddle and then smears it all over their eager and pathetic faces!

Wild Wedding Night For The Bride! – Part 2

Not satisfied with the mess, her groom calls in his groomsmen to join in on the fun. They take turns spreading shit all over the bride until she and the bed is a disgusting sight of shit and sperm.

During The Housework, On A Plate Pooped, And Drank My Piss!

As I sat with the housework in the kitchen, I had to shit and pee suddenly. So I pissed in 1 liter glass, made this brimful and then drunk my piss! Then I, sitting on a high chair, shitting on a plate. Here you can see my horny ass and my tight asshole! All accompanied with Dirty Talk!