Condom Full Of Shit – Your Italian Miss

Today you are really lucky to see your italian Miss. You’ve got little vacations at work and after a long time you can finally see her. You are so excited. She begins to humiliate you very fiercely … She start to whipping you with a whip for horse … Spitting in your face with her sacred phlegm …. She pisses in your mouth and makes you drink everything …. You are totally in her power and you do not know what to say .. or what to do … She want to give you a little gif at the end of this session …. she then takes off the condom and …. She put in the condom two big piece of shit… this is your italian souvenir … and she says Think if your wife would know how to spend your money you should fuck her with this condom full of shit … It’s the right punishment for a microbe like you…

Condom Full Of Shit - Your Italian Miss

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Studio: Shitty Store