Cought Pee In Public

Charm Of Shit

Pregnant beauty makes a bunch of shit in the bathroom. This shit is amazing when it falls on its delicate skin. She happily licks shit from her hand, takes it in her mouth and chews. The shit in her mouth is mesmerizing.You can watch it forever!

Dirty Pin Up

I’m dressed like a 50s a Pin Up… a tight skirt up to the knees a black sweater and very high red high heels. It should been a shit smearing video but being dressed like that led me to play in a very slow way. After the first few minutes when I do some pin-up pose I pull up my skirt and start to shit … a big brown turd falls on my yellow carpet. Remove the shoe and slowly trample it … then I take the shoe to my mouth and start eating and sucking… And again for three times … big pieces of shit under my shoes and in my mouth … My heel is all dirty and falling liquid shit everywhere … I approach this time with all the sole and eat in front of you asking to come into my dirty mouth … In the end there will also be some coughing because the smell of my shit today it’s very strong … I’m waiting for my monthly Pm. In my opinion a perfect video!

Pissing On His Head

Pissing on his head (JJ000585)