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Hot Meal (hd720p)

Would you be able to eat everything without throwing up? Only a real slave and able to eat everything and then lick my ass. I’m guessing you’re just a shitty loser.

Custom: Bath Tub Fuck & Piss (mp4 Format)

Juuuuust wondering if you’d be down for a pee-custom. Nothing too specific – just masturbating (standing up if you can, squatting if you prefer) and eventually peeing after a while. You can use a toy if you want; if you’d rather use your fingers, go ahead with that, too! I guess the only hard requirements are that it’s a pee/masturbation thing, and you have a delightful time doin’ it?I squat down in my bath tub, bladder already full and go about fucking myself silly with my dildo. After awhile the urge to pee is mixing with the urge to cum and little by little it starts to drip out until I cave in with a moan of relief and let my piss …


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Heikos 12 Hours Part1

Already at breakfast our slave Heiko is at our command, and waiting for being used for whatsoever.In this case he hits the spot with me and Marie. Precisely in the morning he has got my fullattention. I think it’s great that he wants to surrender himself to me for 12 hours. Therefore I provedhim in a special way. If he will manage this portion?