Couple Pee Slave

Pissing In Public Toilet

Mistress Giorgia and the slave are in a bar, because the Mistress wanted a coffee and ordered the slave to bring her to drink when the Mistress escaped the pee.What better way to take the slave with her….The slave is obliged to keep the mistress so that he does not fall as she piss, then she is cleansed with the toilet paper and puts it in the mouth of the toilet slave.Humiliations for the slave are not over: the Mistress orders the slave to lick her ass but he does not succeed because he has the toilet paper used in his mouth!The mistress takes the paper from the slave’s mouth and then the slave lick her ass.

Girls Shitwall Part 7 Sharlene

That is the most Humilliating yet !!! Girls sitting on a Wall that retains the Slave. He has to stay there until all the Girls are done cleaning their Feet with his Tounge then Shit into his Mouth and feeding him with their Feet. The Girls don’t take much Notice of him under them, except the one that is using him at that Moment. Maybe one of the nicest Movies we made. For you to decide !English Subtitles

Certified Mean Nurse! – Part 2

This is the part where she gets really nasty! She sits on their faces one after the other and makes them eat her cunt just the way she wants them! Afterwards she shits on them and threatens to shit some more if they didn’t sign the contracts.

Brown Turd For Lunch Anyone?!

HD? Hey brown turd for lunch anyone? Watch this good young wife produces and served her digested food to her husband for lunch!