Couple Piss In White

Varsity Swimmer Accidentally Pooped!

She couldn’t resist all that guacamole served during lunchtime and she had one plate too many of the food. Problem is, she has swimming training this afternoon and a bad stomach can spell big trouble. Just as expected – her stomach starts to grumble just as she was about to lower herself down into the pool. She clutched her tummy and grimaced in pain; she tells her coach she badly needs to go to the restroom; her swimsuit is already soiled with shit! She quickly locks herself in the toilet and let the diarrhea burst forth, exploding heavily in the bowl.

Enormous Shit Deposit Into Big Cup

Mistress was alone today at home and because she don’t have any real human mouth at disposal, she use a big bowl to prepare a new food for her toilets : a mix with her piss and kaviar. She is dressing in a crotchless pink panties, and she pee through them, standing on her toilet chair. She smoke a cigarette while she peeing and shitting then she show to camera the mixed result for a good apetite.

Kv. Eat! My Toliet Man!

Second part of this beautifull video, my human wc have to eat and he do it, of course! All in ENGLISH. MP4