Cow Shit Slurry Bath

Pooping Hard Knobbly Log – Hd Version

I am in my bathroom wearing ankle socks and I squat over a plate. I start pooping. A hard and knobbly log comes out from my asshole. I turn over, lay down on my back, spread my ass and strain my asshole. Then I show you my poop from a close angle so you can see all the details. In the last scene I split my log in pieces to show you all the details of this amazing and unique poop.

Silicone Goddess Antoanella – Mix Compilation Nr 2

Goddess ANTOANELLA IS OUR PERFECT GODDESS WHO HAVE SILICONE TITS !! She is a kinky, hot domme and bizarre girl. She love to use human toilets in her room and she buy a cage to can keep them near her. Here, in this first compilation with from her movies we selected only the scat part from another 6 movies, and from now you will see her new movies, followed by a compilation with best part of her shitty action. Enjoy and prove Silicone Goddess that you are capable to chew eat and swallow also her Kaviar as her toilets doing ! She can do a slimmy diarrhea, or a big turds, all for her toilets meals.

Diamond Caught Me Spying!!

I tried sneaking a camera at work on Diamond Jewel. Caught her ass (literally!) good in the first clip! Great grunting, farting, peeing, and straining! Nearly got away with it the second time, but Diamond found my camera!! Rather than punishing me, she just gave me more of what I wanted and brought the camera back in the bathroom for one more public toilet blastoff. Boy did she save the best for last!! Three great clips of voyeur toilet action!!! More Mudbutt from the Mudbutt queen!!