Crapping Pooping Booty

Birthday Present

Normally, my slave should have not any wishes, but today is his birthday. I’m making an exception. But he also wants something that every lady likes. He wants to be handcuffed lying on the bed so that he is completely under my control. Then I should sit down on his face and he wants to lick me. But only until I can piss and shit in his mouth.He is only allowed to cum when everything is completely swallowed. Since he cannot reach his cock, I have control over him. For that I use not only my hands, but also my mouth. I also fuck him with my finger in the ass. So much motivation he can only get on a special day. But it works. He actually manages to swallow everything clean and lick my ass clean. Because of doing a great job he has earned his mega orgasm.

A Mouthful Of Shit For Goodbye

My slave had a big wish to be allowed to worship my ass. I make sure his tongue goes deep inside to clean my ass thoroughly with his toilet tongue. But it is his goodbye. He is leaving, and he is taking the bus for a long ride. So to make sure he does not suffer from dehydration, I make sure to pee a lot in his mouth. Besides he has no chance to clean up, so he will smell of my pee and ass all the way home. After filling him with my pee I want to fart in his face, but look what comes out.. 😉 There is a nice brownie for him to eat again. I make sure he consumes every piece of my brownies, before sitting on the bus for a day or so. He even have the courage to burp beside me, and his burp smells worse than my shit! If he got back home I don’t know, maybe he smelled too much as a toilet and was thrown off the bus in somewhere in Europe?

Matilda’s Happy Day. Part 1. Last Camera Raw Footage. Cutest.

Hi Everyone, it is Matilda, Well, some time passed and I felt desire for dirty games again, it was happy day, I came to my girlfriend and when we saw each other we understood that today is the day? The day of scat games and filming?, After my scat video session we had passionate scat sex which she is too shy to show now, but maybe one day she will be brave enough. At least we have filmed it for future generations.This time I felt more relaxed and horny than last time during my first session, and I hope you will like everything you see.We are novices in scat and filming and hope to make our stuff better and better with every new session. Your support is very important for us.Finally, this is part 1. Part two is coming very soonThis is footage from the last camera. This one I like the most.

Shit Deal

Featuring Bit off more than he can chew and Back to eat more for one low price!!!