Crazy Guy Eating Shit And Piss Th Rough

My Big Smelly Shit

Now human toilet, listen to me very carefully! I want you to look me only at my asshole! Close! Look and hold your mouth open! Remember What is your purpose, your only purpose. To serve me like a toilet everywhere! You are nothing more to me! You are a shithole. Accept your fate slave. Clean me up! Now hold your mouth wide open! O yes, this is what you deserve – my big smelly shit! Swallow it! Do it slave! You have to clean me with your tongue!

Melissa’s Pov Pt 2!! Diarrhea And More!!

Enjoy As Melissa once again brings you right up close and personal with that chocolate megabutt as you get to see all her adventures in public!! Looks like she had a case of the bubbleguts in a couple of the clips, but enjoy some nice power pissing, farting, plopping and sounds from other ladies in the restroom as well!! Once again Melissa brings you the hot pooping action up close and right on the asshole!!

Shitting In Pantyhose

While in skintight white pantyhose, I shit myself and crush the turds against my ass then pull down my hose and let you see more of the mess I have made!

Voyeur Scat Vol.8

In this toilet random girls would come and little do they know there’s a hidden camera installed where we can see them piss and shit. In this movie, the pretty girl pisses and then pushes out her BIG hard balls of dark shit.