Crazy Pee Girl

I Need Your Mouth For A While

Hey babe, come here for a sec, would yah? I need you to do something nice for me. Put your face right up to my ass and hold it there…. you ready? Good! I’ll fill your mouth with massive thick smelly shit and I need you to eat it for me! Oops, it smells disgusting, babe. Let me take videotape at your face. Do you like the taste of my shit? So you like my dirty asshole, too! I can’t keep this shit to myself anymore ?

Scat Beast. Part 6

Here is one more our Video full of filth. In this scat session we have mostly female scat, anal and enemas and of course saved scat baggs in the end for dessert.This was sweet day and sweet fuck where everybody were satisfied several times in a straights, Aria oppened for herself new anal horisons, Christine was mstly filming but in some moment she lost it and teared the clothes away for joining us.First we did it in female and male scat, then become mad about enemas, you will not believe it, in some moment we began to do and to do enemas on each other, one after enother in endless enema circle, Than sweet fuck with tonns of saved shit…Yes, that day was great indeed!

Pinky Morning Relief Plops

Lil Stink is back! She really had to drop a couple out that sexy ass! I look at her and wish I was still 21 and my girl still looked like she does when rolling out of the bed in the morning! Wearing a white tee and nothing else, watch her Grunt, Plop and Strain like never ever seen before!! By far my favorite clip she has sent so far!

Good Morning Toilet Slave

From now on he only sleep on toilet. So I degrade him. But it also has an advantage. My toilet slave is always ready when I need a toilet at night. Here I am brushing my theeth at the morning. Meanwhile he lies under me and I can pee and save my time a little. Then I spit all the sauce in his mouth. Afterwards I pressed my crap out of my asshole and all the shit plopped into his mouth. Eat the shit and wait.