Crazy Pee Girls Sex

Late Night Work Turns To Piss Drinking!

With only the two of them left inside the office in the middle of the night, this man and woman decides to take advantage of the opportunity that they have the place all to themselves! At first, they strip off their clothes! Once both are rendered naked, the lady sits on the guy’s face to feed him with her pussy! Shortly after, he takes control of the situation! He bends her over and then continues orally pleasuring her vagina! When she gets satisfied with it, things took a turn for the worst! She drags him to the comfort room where she proceeds to lay him on the floor! She then positions herself on the toilet and, without warning, urinates all over his face! Caught off-guard, the guy isn’t able to appropriately react, causing him to stay where he lies and get pissed! In the process, he gets some urine inside his nose and mouth which he ends up swallowing!

Sensual Red Dress Poop

This is a sensual, EFRO style front-facing poop clip. I start off in a sexy red dress, telling you how badly I need to use the toilet. I had a massive meal last night and I can feel it pushing to come out. Then I take the dress off, showing you my red and black lacy matching underwear. I sensually strip, taking my bra off, showing off my big natural DDDs and bouncing them for you. Then I bend over, slide my thong down and spread my ass cheeks showing you my tight little hole which is about to be stretched out by my big log. Before I get on the toilet I need to fart though. I show you my asshole as I fart three times, then I climb onto the toilet. I’m in a squatting position, my whole body is visible head to toe and I pee a little as I start pushing the log out. I push out a medium sized thick log and it makes a loud splash as it hits the water. I moan with pleasure and relief as it leaves my body. I show you the log in the toilet bowl, come and find out if it’s a floater or a sinker! Then I wipe, showing you the toilet paper with my skid marks on it and show you what’s in the toilet bowl again, my log and my skid marked toilet paper. Then I flush, wash my hands and show you my asshole, slightly stretched out from the log I just pushed out.

Aria’s Shit Chat!!

Aria I swear her family brings out the best shits!! In this one enjoy as she lets off some serious turds from that up close rearview angle her fans love then proceeds to have a hilarious conversation with her mother who was visiting about her pet dog. Looks like dog had a upset tummy just like Aria! Enjoy as she comments on the stench and how she is feeling the bubbleguts as well! She turns the regular chit-chat into Shit Chat for real!!! Some monster logs as usual from one of my personal Favorites!! Stop Sleeping on Lady Aria!!

Scat Lesson 1 English Italian

199.2 Now my first lesson of English / Italian become more intresting! How? With my pee and my poo!!!!!! The day before I eat a tastefull Milanense zaffrain rice and my poo is very hard to do, during this lesson i do IT on a tray (because i have not a slave under my ass) and i need a lot of time!!! Remember… I’m your italian’s teacher and you must listen and repeat. i know, i do very crazy video, but this is a beautifull idea to study italian! Italian for bdsm, of course! The clip is in english. MP4