Crazy Shit Mistress

Boss Drinking A Glass Of Piss!

This woman has exhausted all her patience for her boss! So in this situation, when she is ordered to get him a drink, she comes back with a small cup instead! She then puts it on his table where she proceeds to urinate inside it before handing it over to him! At this point, the guy who is caught off-guard gets scared, so he becomes submissive and drinks it instead! When he has gulped down every last drop of its contents, he is left alone!

Six At Morning I Very Big Shitting

i must so so shitting!! A big sausage and big Pralines comes to my Rosette!! You see so near when the shitting comes….ah,so a good feeling for my!! come and open your mouth and eat my shit…..

Chocolate Shit Shake Just For You (avi)

Are you thirsty? The Ebony Scat Princess is feeling generous today, she is going to make you nice scat shake right from her beautiful round ass. And then serves it up for you to drink it on down.