Crazy Wet Cam Piss

Shit And Piss After Hard Work

Simple, short but extremely hot video)) You’ll see my sexy legs and ass covered with shit) Especially for you I’m wearing my favorite tights, and put a whole bunch of crap in them !)) Sometimes nice shit and pee while I’m home alone, especially after a hard day at work)) Want to see? Love you all, stay connected, ahead as always, many new video))

Dominant Scat

One of my creepers is with me in the studio. This idiot got me just bored – what do you expect from his society so far… You should just only punish him, which is at least fun. Sometime I did not want to see him anymore, so I just pissed in his mouth, then crapped into. The Loser is indeed already trained to swallow everything completely, but I still would like him to eat painfully difficult. My new high heels boots need to get tested on a slave, it is always a nice powerful feeling when my heels are still really sharp, especially when they penetrate into the nipples of the slave and bring a hellish torment to him. While this worm struggles, I drill deeper *smile*.

Foot Worship And Scat Consumption!

The slave thinks it’s his lucky day for good behaviour. He is told he is to be given a relaxing bath by his domestic mistress. He is happy and gets into the bath thinking he is to be given a nice relaxing time. Yet the only thing nice he is to be given is her sweet golden scat and the foot worship of his mistresses feet! She squats down over him and delivers runny shit all over his face and into his mouth, and while wearing rubber clothes to protect her finger nails, she smears all the sweet shit over the slaves face. She then uses her feet and orders him to worship her feet while she uses them as a tool to push down increasing loads of scat into her slaves mouth.

Morning Poo Compilation

Lots of pooping clips compiled into one fabulous video just for you! These are really close-up so you get an intimate view of my asshole as I shit huge logs!!!