Creame Pee Eating

Special Shower For My Slave

My slave loves my pee and ashes, I passed him both in his useless face and ugly body.

Best Meal For My Toilets

Mistress was alone today and she have a hugeee Diarrhea inside her. She was thinking that is a good time to prepare a nice succulent meal for her first toilet who will arrive and eat. She wear a lack catsuit, crotchless one, black, and she put het toilet chair in the middle of the room and relaxing. She first fill the bowl with 1-2 liters piss then she release a nasty Diarrhea and fill the bowl at maxximum. Bon apetite toilets !

Mistress Gaia – By Now You’re A Beast!

By now my slave has become a beast, locked in a cage, at the mercy of my will. Download this video ‘POV’ and you will get the feeling of living the condition of inferior beings, make him eat my shit and to drink my divine nectar to survive: they will not have other, neither they will get out of the cage if they do not have eaten everything and drank all!