Creaming While Pooping

Lady Katharina Shits P1

The 3 Scatqueens are using a toilet slave. It is very much peed and Lady Katharina craps a pile in the mouth of the toilet slave. The shit is nice and soft, so you need only swallow, but the toilet slave moans and really enjoys it chews and swallows by and by the pile of shit of Lady Katharina.

Sick Brownie

You will see in my clip: how Angie makes brownie to the new potty is transparent and everything is perfectly visible. Angie is making brownie very close to the camera, her brownie is weird, sick, has yellow slime, horribly smelly, something terrible….

My Shit Is Your Reward (cam 2)

I think you have done a good job my slave! The house is clean, so you deserve a little reward. I know you desire my precious champagne, so get under me and get ready to drink every precious little drop that comes out of my beautiful pussy! This is your desired reward for a job well done! But I have more for you! You need to eat to, so get ready to eat my shit little worm. This is your meal today, because I expect you to do more work! To work well you need to eat, and my shot is full of energy for you! So eat all my gifts my little toilet!RECORDED ON A SETUP CAM

Mistress Roberta – Ass Wide Open For An Creamy Shit -pov

Today slave i have a nice surprise for you i will open wide my ass and put the cam very close for you to see how i am preparing your breakfast an yummy creamy poop after i pee a bit, enjoy!