Cross Play Pee

Shit In The Ironing Chamber

The stupid slave 00 is useless, not even to clean up in the ironing chamber. The mistress is in a hurry because she urgently needs to do her toilet. For the toilet, the mistress thinks, the slave is just good enough. Under choke in his slave mouth, disposed of the slave, the hearty homemade sausages and the champagne of the mistress. Superb – the lady has shit again.

Juice Explosion

I only fulfilled a wish; an old boy wanted to experience something special again. He absolutely wanted me to serve him my fresh drained piss into his mouth while sitting on my new toilet stool. His wish is my passion…

The Carrotfuck

My lessor stands in my door and accuses me producing porn movies. So me and Miss Jane show him, what we really do. First we torture him a bit, then we brutally push a carrot into his ass and afterwards he gets caviar from us in his mouth. We tell him to chew down all the stinky crap. He will not accuse us again…